Durin g this workshop you will learn how to make your horse trustful, soft, relaxed and not nervous while learning new elements.

This workshop comprises of theoretical preparation and practical groundwork exercises. The workshop program has been structured in such a way that after the workshop you will notice a measurable effect. But this is only the beginning of the journey - it is the foundation on which you have the chance to build true friendship and partnership.

During the workshop you will learn and understand why "being with a horse" and building relationship based on respect and without domination play such an important role. You'll notice the connection between ground exercises and riding in the saddle. You will hear a lot of information about the psychology of horse training. You will learn how to train a horse based on closeness and mutual respect, as well as how your energy can affect the movement of the horse. You will feel the joy of being with a horse who has a choice to stay with you or to go away and who chooses to stay close to you and then lets you ride.

You will see how quickly a horse learns new elements when you overcome difficulties and barriers together, when a horse performs tasks, not for fear of punishment, but for willingness to be with you. You will hear detailed information and perform many exercises that will improve flexibility and strengthen the relationship between you and your horsw.

Dowiesz się także jak sprawić, by koń był skupiony tylko na Tobie, jak komunikować się z koniem bez konieczności użycia ostrego kiełzna i ostróg, jak osiągnąć miękkość i lekkość wykonywanych figur, jak nauczyć odczulić konia na spotykane w terenie „strachy”, jak sprawić aby koń nigdy nie odmawiał przejścia przez przeszkodę, a jednocześnie nie parł na nią. przeszkody, pokonując je w panicznym pędzie.

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